The Governing Body 2021 2022

Chair of Governors 
To be decided

Mr. Dave Sweeney trust appointed 01.09.18
Miss L. Evans trust appointed 01.07.19
Mr Peter Reed trust appointed 01.09.18
Mr Simon Smith trust appointed 01.09.18
Mr Danny Williams trust appointed 09.01.20 – 08.01.24

Parent Governors
Mrs E. Hughes trust appointed 15.03.21 (4 years office)
Vacancy x 2

Staff Governors
Mrs Joely Gibbons trust appointed 06.03.19
Mrs Sarah Clarke trust appointed 06.03.19

Mrs J. Davies appointed 01.06.14 (4 years office) Resigned 30.09.16 – parent
Mrs S. Hargreaves appointed 11.02.14 (4 years office) Resigned 20.02.17 – parent
Mrs D. Hassall (resigned 31.10.15 ) – staff
Mr R. Pritchard appointed 01.09.15; Resigned 01.09.18 – local authority
Miss R. Evans appointed 01.09.18.; Resigned October 2018 – staff
Mr D. Lewis appointed 01.09.18; Resigned 07.19 – parent
Mrs J. Potter appointed 01.09.18; Resigned 31.08.19 – staff
Ms S. Allan trust appointed 26.02.20 – 25.02.24; Resigned
Mr J. Donnelly trust appointed 01.09.18 Resigned: 15.02.21                                                                                Mr M. Grieve
 trust appointed 01.05.17 Resigned: 03.03.21

Associated Members (advisory no voting rights)
Miss S. Greer (executive headteacher interim)
Mr S. Towler (deputy headteacher interim)

Register of business Interests (current)

LMoss – Register of Business Interests 2020 21

Governor Profiles

Mr D. Sweeney
I am the Corporate Change Manager at Produban UK, a wholly owned subsidiary of Santander UK. My responsibility is to ensure standardised methods, processes and procedures which are used for all IT Infrastructure and Software changes, facilitate efficient and prompt handling of all changes, and maintain the proper balance between the need for change and the potential detrimental impact of changes.
I started working for Girobank in 1977 and have seen many changes in IT on the Bootle site in the last 40 years. I have staff across two sites, here in Bootle and in Carlton Park, Leicester.
I started as a governor at Litherland Moss in September 2002 and I am currently Chair of Governors. My chief motivation is to try and ensure that every child is able achieve their full potential and leave our school confident and well prepared for the next stage in their education.

Peter Reed
“I have been married for forty years to my dear wife Alex, I have three tremendous sons, and two wonderful grandchildren; our third is imminent. I retired from teaching four years ago, and now spend five months a year ‘chilling out’ in Portugal; I also provide new induction training for newly appointed governors in Cheshire.
I taught for 36 years; 27 as a Senior Manager; 18 as a secondary Headteacher. I have run one of the most socially disadvantaged secondary schools in the North West of England, and, also, one of the most successful. I loved both schools, and relished the role I fulfilled.
I have been a governor at five secondary schools and three primary schools; and an Interim Executive Board member at two secondary schools and two primary schools. I enjoy the opportunity to work with committed Heads to improve the life opportunity of our exceptional youngsters as they move through the four key stages from infant to young adult, and hope that I can offer some experience to enrich their journeys.”

Simon Smith
I am married with 2 children, who are growing up fast, my son has just started high school and my daughter is in Year 5. I am a Solicitor of nearly 20 years and I currently act in case where people have, unfortunately, suffered serious injury as a consequence of an accident.
I first became a Governor at Litherland Moss in 2012, when my son was first beginning school; it had been quite a number of years since I had been involved in education. This was an opportunity for me to put something back in to the community and also to re-connect with education in some way, so that I could understand and appreciate what my children would be experiencing and what went on “behind the scenes”.
I have to confess this was a real eye opener and I am constantly impressed by the dedication and hard work that is being put in by all at the school to shape the future of so many.

Danny Williams
I have worked for Santander for the last 15 years across various positions within Retail and Business Banking as well as Fraud and my current role as a Financial Crime Risk Manager. In my current position I am responsible for the ongoing service management and performance governance within the Financial Crime Operation, whilst ensuring cost effective processes.
I’m married to my very supportive wife Clare, with 3 brilliant girls aged 8, 7 and 10 months. In my spare time I enjoy cycling, usually as a family, and socialising with friends and family. I have lived in Litherland for 34 years, growing up as a child attending English Martyrs Primary School and later St. Wilfrid’s High School, to now living in the area raising my own family. I applied to become a school governor to support the local community in any way I can.

Laura Evans
I became a Governor as I believe education is a key enabler for young people to recognise their strengths and talents, enabling them to build confidence and self-esteem, and providing them with choices for the future. My own experience of education was overwhelmingly positive and to this day I still enjoy learning and developing myself and others. I was Head Girl at Tarleton High School before going on to Graduate with honours in English Language and Literature from Newcastle University in 2005 then joining the Civil Service. I have a multi-disciplinary professional background working at a senior level in Operations, Regulatory Policy, and HR over the past 15 years across the public and not-for-profit sectors. In 2020, I established my own HR consultancy, Glass Ceilings®, which advises organisations on inclusive employment practices and governance frameworks. I am also an Associate Consultant with Forrest Governance, providing training and consultancy to school governors. I am an active member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), the Chartered Management Institute, and the National Governance Association. I also volunteer in the wider education sector as a CIPD Enterprise Adviser at Holy Family in Thornton and as a Mentor with the charities Inspiring the Future and the Social Mobility Foundation. Passionate about making society more inclusive, I am a Mental Health First Aider; a Time to Change Mental Health Champion; a Stonewall Ally; and, a Dementia Friend.

Elizabeth Hughes
I am an Early Years and Primary Teacher, with a passion for Children’s Literature and Expressive Arts. My husband and I have two beautiful little girls (and a cheeky little pup too) that I love to share those passions with. I volunteer with Girl guiding, co-running a brownie unit and training adult leaders for their roles. Besides the fun of parenting and volunteering that keeps me busy, you can usually find me listening to music (that is older than me), baking anything edible, or reading anything that keeps me from doing everyday housework. I became a Parent Governor as I have an enthusiasm for children’s learning and ensuring that both children and staff have opportunities to thrive. To have that potential impact on the school where my daughter attends, makes it all the more worthwhile.

Governor Committees 2021 2022

We have three committees which meet at least termly:

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