Rainbow groups

This project has been modified due to restrictions in place to comply with our Covid-19 risk assessment.

Rainbow groups meet every Friday afternoon. Each group comprises mixed age children from reception class through to year 6 and the teaching and learning during the session is led by a year 6 pupil. Year 6 pupils are selected through an application and interview process in the summer term prior to them taking up their post. Through rainbow groups we teach aspects including: cultural identity;  our values; equality and diversity. We also use the groups as a forum for when we want to ask children’s opinions on many aspects of school life, including bullying and safety issues.

At the beginning of the autumn term 2020 the rainbow project work will be taught as class based activities and not in mixed age groups. Despite moderation this project continues to underpin our work in school – explicits teaching pupils about our school values and how to extend this into their own houses and community – promoting service above self both in school and out.

The rainbow groups promote our six values and our older children act as role models for the rest of the community:

Our values are promoted through all our work in school: curriculum; assemblies; social times. Children are encouraged to promote the values in all their work and interactions with others.

The Rainbow Curriculum 2020 2021

Our rainbow curriculum is designed by the Mrs Hill and sessions are led by the children. This year’s themes are as below:

rainbow planning 2020-2021