Our school strategic plan (RAP) gives an overview of our objectives for the academic year. This plan is broken down into termly objectives and actions. All staff take a part in leading our short and long term objectives with the senior leadership team taking overall responsibility.

Our school leadership team 2017/ 2018

Headteacher: Sarah Greer

Deputy headteacher: Joy Potter

Assistant headteacher: Joely Gibbons

Early years phase Nursery Reception: Joy Potter
Key stage 1 (year 1 and 2): Laura Roddick
Key stage 2 (year 5 and 3): Charlotte Morgan
Key stage 2 (year 6 and 4): Rachael Evans

Subject/ aspect leaders:

English: Charlotte Morgan
Mathematics: Laura Roddick
EYFS: Joy Potter
Science: Rachael Evans
Pupil Premium: Sarah Greer
History: Tayla Murphy
Geography: Tayla Murphy
Spanish: Charlotte Morgan
Computing: Jennifer Pinch
Art: Lucy Smart
Design technology: Lucy Smart
PE: Alison Power
RE: Joely Gibbons
Music: Katie Patterson
SEND: Joy Potter
PHSE: Joy Potter (with pastoral team)

Our Raising Attainment Plan (RAP) objectives for 2017 2018 

Leadership and management
PE outcomes: Tighten the plan for the use of PE funding  to make targets more measurable
Deep accurate understanding of effectiveness: review monitoring and evaluation schedule and summative overviews to successfully articulate quality of education over time (involving all leaders)

Teaching, learning and assessment
Assessment: continue to review and develop the school’s assessment processes and systems identify, track, focus on progress to increase numbers of pupils working at ‘meeting’ and at ‘greater depth’.
Outdoor learning EYFS: Improve the outdoor learning environment for the early years to make it more exciting and more closely linked to areas of learning.
Good or outstanding teaching: ensure all teaching is good and greater proportion outstanding via middle leader support and challenge.

Personal development, behaviour and welfare
Preparation for life: develop rainbow curriculum and badge scheme linked to the school values.
Resilience: promote, support, develop pupil resilience and good mental health.

Pupil premium: close the gaps as per individula cohort.
Reading: close the gap to national average attainment at end key stages (foundation, 1 2) and increase number of pupils working at greater depth
Mathematics: increase number of pupils working at greater depth in all year groups.
Writing:close the gap to national average attainment at end key stages (foundation, 1 2) and increase number of pupils working at greater depth.
ESPG: focus on spelling and handwriting.
Science: increase number of pupils meeting and working at greater depth in each year group.