Our school strategic plan gives an overview of our objectives for the academic year. This plan is broken down into termly objectives and actions. All staff take a part in leading our short and long term objectives with the senior leadership team taking overall responsibility.

Our school leadership team 2020 2021

Headteacher: Sarah Greer

Deputy headteacher: Mrs J. Gibbons (curriculum; assessment; pupil premium)

Assistant headteacher: Mr S. Towler (SEND; safeguarding; inclusion)

TLR posthoders:
Mr M. Baker
whole curriculum and science lead
Miss R. Evans
reading; standards and moderation; phase lead years 3 and 4
Mrs C. Edgar 
writing; standards and moderation; phase lead years 5 and 6
Miss K. Patterson
early years foundation stage; phonics; standards and moderation
Miss L. Rodick
mathematics; standards and moderation; phase lead years 1 and 2

Lead learning mentor Mrs K. Sears

Subject/ aspect leaders:

EYFS: Miss K. Patterson
English team: Mrs C. Edgar; Miss R. Evans; Miss K. Patterson
Mathematics: Miss L. Rodick
Science: Mr M. Baker
History: Mr M. Baker
Geography: Mrs J. Pinch
Spanish: Mrs C. Edgar
Computing: Mr M Baker
Art: Miss L. Smart
Design technology: Miss L. Smart
PE: Miss T. Murphy
RE: Miss R. Evans
Music: Miss E. Webster
PHSE: Mr S. Towler

Our school improvement priorities 2020 2021

Key objective 1: manage the transition from lockdown arrangements to opening school to ensure that the quality of education remains good.
Pupils make strong progress and reach their own goals from each unique starting point.
Key objective 2: quality of education is good
The overall curriculum, including foundation and core subjects, gives pupils the knowledge and cultural capital they need (including pupils that are more able, with SEND and the disadvantaged) to be successful in the wider world.
Key objective 3: behaviour and attitudes are good.
Pupils behave well. They consistently have positive attitudes and are committed to their education. They are motivated and persistent in the face of difficulties. Pupils make positive contributions to the life of the school and/or the wider community. Pupils actively support the well-being of other pupils.
Key objective 4: personal development is good.
The personal development curriculum is planned for and taught well giving pupils the opportunity to develop skills and confidence to develop in many diverse aspects of life. Pupils are taught to be good citizens and to be respectful and have integrity when developing relationships with others. School provides and inclusive environment and a strong set of values are lived by all stakeholders: pupils; staff; parents; governors; wider community.
Key objective 5: leadership and management is good.
Leaders have high expectations for pupils and staff to ensure that pupils benefit from excellent teaching and consistent expectations. Funding is spent well to ensure pupils achieve well and pupil premium is targeted to the pupils who are disadvantaged to improve outcomes and impact on those pupils who need it the most. There is a strong safeguarding culture that is well known.
Key objective 6: early years foundation stage is good.

Pupils in the early years foundation stage make excellent progress from their starting points in all aspects of the early years curriculum.