Our special needs and disability co-ordinator is Miss T. Murphy 0151 928 4544

Nationally and locally there is an agenda that supports inclusive practices. At Litherland Moss we are fully supportive of inclusion and strive to ensure that all our pupils progress to their full potential, enjoying appropriate challenges and the achievement of success. For the majority of children this will be via quality first teaching. However there are times when additional support will be needed to help children achieve their targets. This includes children with: Sensory and/or physical needs; communication and interaction difficulties; cognitive and learning needs; social, emotional and mental health difficulties (as identified in the Code of Practice 2014). We are aware that some pupils may have needs that span across the categories and teachers will then be aware of both the child’s primary need and any subsequent needs.


SEND documents:

SEND POLICY 2021 2022

SEND info report 2021-22

The disability access plan is due for review in June 2021. As it is currently proposed that the school will move onto the site of Litherland High School we will review the disability access plan in accordance with these plans.

disability access plan

Appendix 4 what parents should expect

Appendix 3 2018 19

Appendix-2-Staff-and-governors-2020 21

Appendix 1 Graduated Approach