We promote 9 values through our ‘rainbow groups’ headed by Year 6 children:

  • aspiration
  • respect
  • confidence
  • creativity
  • perseverance
  • resilience
  • trust
  • curiosity
  • service above self

Our values are promoted through all our work in school: curriculum; assemblies; social times. Children are encouraged to promote the values in all their work and interactions with others.

Within our school community we have the expectation that everyone (staff, pupils and parents)  promote aspiration and ambition; encourage others to learn and be the best they can be; celebrate all achievement and recognise its importance to the individual.

Rainbow groups

We have nine rainbow groups which meet every Friday afternoon. Each group comprises mixed age children from reception class through to year 6. Each group is led by a year 6 pupil. Through rainbow groups we teach aspects including: cultural identity;  our values; equality and diversity.

The Rainbow Curriculum 2019 2020

Our rainbow curriculum is designed by the leadership team and sessions are led by the children. This year’s themes are as below:

rainbow planning 2019 2020

This plan is in draft and can be changed to reflect any local or other priorities that may arise as the year goes on.