Litherland Children’s Centre website can be located following the link below:

The centre operates on two sites:
The Litherland Moss site is temporarily located in the portakabins on Moss Lane, adjacent to the school building.
The Hatton Hill site is located on Alwyn Drive

The centre manager is Louise Bridge whose role it is to oversee the whole of the centre’s activities and ensure that it is meeting its objectives for the local community.

The  children’s centre has four family development workers who work individually with parents and families. They are always available for support or advice:
Jan Ball
Andrea Barnes
Christina Aldridge
Jenny Spriggs


We have creche support for training sessions, such as weaning and cookery, maths and English and other courses for parents. We also offer respite creche for families identified by health visitors or other partners. Pauline Jessop is the Creche Co-ordinator.

Daycare Nursery

The daycare nursery offers childcare for children from the age of 2 – 5 years.

All two year olds are temporarily educated in the portacabins that form part of the Litherland Children’s Centre Village. Children that turn 3 years transfer to the school nursery (foundation unit).

For information about available places, fees and visits, please call the nursery on 07813363252.

Nursery Staff

Joy Potter is the Childcare Manager and has day-to-day responsibility for the staffing and running of the daycare nursery, which provides Ofsted registered childcare from 8.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday.

Joy’s deputies are Sharon Hughes and Linda Elesedy.