Assessment 2020 2021

In the first instance teachers and teaching assistants assess pupils’ understanding as they work. Ongoing assessment, on a lesson by lesson, basis is important for us to ascertain who may need more help or who has clearly met objectives. Responsive intervention takes place during afternoon sessions (teachers and teaching assistants work with pupils individually and in small groups).

Formative assessment
Ongoing (formative) assessment is recorded using a data system called O Track. Staff use this as a log for pupils who have met an objective and use this to help plan lessons, target interventions and assist learning. O Track data is used by teachers and the leadership team half termly to ensure pupils are keeping up with curriculum demands.

Summative assessment
Summative assessments take place half termly. These are tests and other assessments designed to give pupils an opportunity to show what they have learned, retained and what concepts and skills they can apply in unfamiliar problem solving contexts.

Parents receive short, written reports termly (December, March) and longer written reports in July. There are two formal opportunities for parents to view work and talk to class teachers about progress and attainment (October and February) but staff will discuss attainment and progress at any time during the school year at parent request.

Here is our assessment policy: