Our PE subject leader is Miss Murphy

The following documents highlight our PE funding allocation and spending. Our overall aims 2019 2020 are:

To increase the number of pupils making good or better progress in PE (from 2019 end year data baseline).

To accelerate progress by increasing the enjoyment of physical education.

To use the fit trackers to measure pupils’ activity (step count) and to make gains in pupils activity levels during the course of the year.

To increase the number of pupils participating in sport activities (extra curricular) and the number of pupils competing in competitions and events

To increase the percentage of year 6 pupils achieving the swimming attainment expectations for end of key stage 2

PE position statement 2019/ 2019

Position statement July 2019

This year 2020 2021 our PE funding is being used to continue to increase pupils’ day-to-day activity by joining in with a   fitness promotion scheme led by the Jamie Carragher Academy. Each pupil has a personalised Vivoki fitnesses tracking device that will track and monitor their daily steps. Pupils will work individually and together to reach their goals. Pupils will have the opportunity to monitor their own fitness in a visual way and work together with their peers to achieve targets. Personal achievements will then be able to be shared and celebrated as a whole school event.

Sport sessions are held in one of our large spaces – which includes a purpose built, safe outdoor area.

The Daily Mile

This year  we will also be working together to introduce ‘The Daily Mile’. This will run alongside the Jamie Carragher Academy activity tracking scheme and is designed to energise and set pupils up to start their day. The following is a quote from

The Daily Mile | UK

‘The Daily Mile is simple and free and gets children out of the classroom for fifteen minutes every day to run or jog, at their own pace, with their classmates, making them fitter, healthier, and more able to concentrate in the classroom’

Swimming data 2019 2020

Children attend weekly swimming lessons at Meadows Leisure Centre. The sessions are taught by professional swimming instructors from Active Aquatics. Based on this 55% of the current year 6 cohort are meeting the national curriculum requirement to swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres, use a range of strokes effectively and perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations.

Enrichment 2020 2021

This academic year we will continue enrichment sessions using specialist coaches from the Jamie Carragher Soccer School. They will be working with children during the afternoons in the autumn, spring and summer terms leading sports based PSHE sessions and physical activities. The sessions will focus on getting children fit, healthy and active as part of a healthily lifestyle.

The progress and confidence of the children who have been offered the sessions in previous years has been monitored and below are some quotes given by those pupils.

‘There were a variety of activities. They gave me the confidence to learn new skills and ‘teach’ younger children in the group. I could support my class mates during whole class PE lessons.’ Grace

‘Sometimes during whole class lessons – the people that can’t do it get all of the support and attention. It was nice to have the coaches attention to build on my skills. More help, more attention, more confidence!’ Aimee

Something to look forward to! Less people meant that you had more rounds of each game.’ Jamie

You didn’t have to wait if you needed help. The coaches were just there!’ ‘We could then help the younger children’ Ellie

‘Training us to teach others’ – combined

Academic year 2020 21

PE funding: £17400 total

Our Offer 1
Vivoki fitness scheme + plus staff training led by Jamie Carragher Academy
Total cost: £3500

Impact: Increased % of pupils meeting end of key stage expectations in physical education.

To accelerate progress by increasing the enjoyment of physical education.

Our Offer 2
Bespoke enrichment sessions led by Jamie Carragher Academy

Total cost: £3570 

Impact: Increased % of pupils meeting end of key stage expectations in physical education.

To accelerate progress by increasing the enjoyment of physical education.

Our Offer 3

Subsidising extra curricular activities and the school holiday (outdoor and adventurous activities)

Total subsidy: £5000

In addition:

£4000 for additional resources across the PE curriculum

£500 for additional resources for our extra curricular offer

£1000 leadership time for PE lead

We also use PE funding to provide support for coaching and outdoor and adventurous activities – giving pupils the opportunity to participate in a wider range of sports.