Welcome to year 1 – Autumn term 2017
Values driven learning

Class teacher: Miss Power

Teaching Assistant: Miss Price

Class book Autumn term 2017 – The three little pigs by Mara Alperin and Ag Jatkowska

This term we will be following the three little pigs on their adventure to avoid the big bad wolf. We will be thinking about story language, sequencing and using lots of descriptive words to describe the characters that we meet.
 In science, we will be experimenting with different materials to see which is the best at keeping the big, bad wolf at bay. We will be questioning what makes a material ‘the best’ – is it strength? Colour? Size? Should it bend? Does it need to be waterproof?…


Autumn term 2017 learning challenges – 

 History – Changes in living memory – What has changed since my grandparents were young?

Science – Materials – What material should the three little pigs use to build their house?

Timetable and curriculum

This is an example of a typical week’s timetable in year one.

This is the curriculum map for year one 2016 2017. The curriculum map shows the topics that will be taught throughout the year.

Reading Books and PE kits

We aim to change reading books on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. However, book bags should be brought into school every day.

PE will be on a Wednesday.  Children need a white t shirt, black shorts and black pumps. Earrings are not permitted for PE.


Children will start to receive one piece of homework based on either our afternoon sessions or English lessons. It will be given out on Fridays and should be returned before the following Friday of the next week. Year one may not receive homework every week.

Home time 

In order to reduce congestion on the door at home time. The year one door will be opened at 2:55 pm.

Mathematics 2017 2018 


We use a mastery approach to learning mathematics. We believe that every child can master an understanding and a love of maths with the right kind of teaching and support. We specifically use the Maths – No Problem! primary school series, using the mastery teaching approach from Singapore.

Aligned to the 2014 English National Curriculum for mathematics, the series is used as part of the NCETM’s Maths Hub programme.

Features of Singapore Maths:
Emphasis on problem solving and comprehension, allowing pupils to relate what they learn and to connect knowledge
Careful scaffolding of core competencies of :
visualisation, as a platform for comprehension
mental strategies, to develop decision making abilities
pattern recognition, to support the ability to make connections and generalise

Emphasis on the foundations for learning and not on the content itself so pupils learn to think mathematically as opposed to merely reciting formulas or procedures.

Phonics and the Teaching of Reading 2017 2018

We are a Read Write Inc school. Our success at teaching early reading has been accelerated using this exciting programme. This has been proven by our increasing phonics screening check pass rate.

Our success at teaching reading is based on a determination that every child will learn to read, together with a very rigorous and sequential approach to developing speaking and listening and teaching reading, writing and spelling through systematic phonics. This approach is applied with a high degree of consistency and sustained.

We have lessons from 9:00 – 9:30 a.m. every day focusing on phonics and this is supported by daily English lessons and a weekly guided reading session.

Seven out 0f ten schools in the Ofsted report ‘Reading by six: how the best schools do it’ use Read Write Inc. You can find the information here:  http://www.ofsted.gov.uk/resources/reading-six-how-best-schools-do-it

For more information you can visit the Read Write Inc website http://www.oup.com/oxed/primary/rwi/

Working at home

If you are looking for some extra work to do at home take a look at these websites. There are a range of fun activities for you to do.