Welcome to Year 2

 Summer term 1 2018
Values driven learning

Class teacher: Miss Rodick

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Cleator

Our class book for Summer Term 1 is ‘Traction Man’ by Mini Grey

Can Traction Man overcome the humiliation of his desperately dowdy new look and rediscover the action hero within or will the burden of the knitted green monstrosity be too great?

Our science learning challenge this half term is all about ‘plants’. It is entitled: How could we grow our own salad?

Our history learning challenge for this half term is: Why were Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong very brave people?

Timetable and Curriculum

This is an example of a typical week’s timetable in year two 2017-2018:

Year 2 timetable autumn 1

This is the curriculum map for year two 2017-2018:


Reading Books, Spellings and homework

Reading books will be changed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 

Homework will be given out each Friday, please look after your special homework book and return it to school each week, by the following Monday.

Spellings will also be given out on a Friday and are to be practised for the f0llowing Friday.


Mathematics 2016 2017


We use a mastery approach to learning mathematics. We believe that every child can master an understanding and a love of maths with the right kind of teaching and support. We specifically use the Maths – No Problem! primary school series, using the mastery teaching approach from Singapore.

Aligned to the 2014 English National Curriculum for mathematics, the series is used as part of the NCETM’s Maths Hub programme.

Features of Singapore Maths:
Emphasis on problem solving and comprehension, allowing pupils to relate what they learn and to connect knowledge
Careful scaffolding of core competencies of :
visualisation, as a platform for comprehension
mental strategies, to develop decision making abilities
pattern recognition, to support the ability to make connections and generalise

Emphasis on the foundations for learning and not on the content itself so pupils learn to think mathematically as opposed to merely reciting formulas or procedures.

Phonics and the Teaching of Reading

We are a Read Write Inc school. Our success at teaching early reading has been accelerated using this exciting programme. This has been proven by our increasing phonics screening check pass rate.

Our success at teaching reading is based on a determination that every child will learn to read, together with a very rigorous and sequential approach to developing speaking and listening and teaching reading, writing and spelling through systematic phonics. This approach is applied with a high degree of consistency and sustained.

We have lessons from 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. every day and aresupport by weekly guided reading session.

Seven out of ten schools in the Ofsted report ‘Reading by six: how the best schools do it’ use Read Write Inc. You can find the information here:  http://www.ofsted.gov.uk/resources/reading-six-how-best-schools-do-it

For more information you can visit the Read Write Inc website http://www.oup.com/oxed/primary/rwi/



We use Read Write Inc Spelling in years 2 to 6. The scheme has been specially created to meet the higher demands of the national curriculum.

We run lessons daily for 15 minutes
Spelling rules are introduced by aliens from an exciting online spelling planet
Every child’s progress is recorded and tracked and intervention given
Parents can help by ensuring that weekly spellings are learnt at home

Working at home

If you are looking for some extra work to do at home take a look at these websites. There are a range of fun activities for you to do.


Espresso has arrived! Espresso is an educational service for children to use at home. This website is packed full of activities, games and stories for you to enjoy. If you would like the login details please ask your teacher.