Welcome to year 6 – Autumn Term 

Class teacher: Miss Evans

Teaching Assistant: Mr Fitzgerald


Values driven learning

Please find below an overview of year six’s curriculum for 2019/20:

Curriculum Web Y6

At Litherland Moss we have a values driven approach to learning. Below is the ‘Rainbow Pathway’ for our current curriculum focus.

Our rainbow of knowledge Slave Trade

And our knowledge organiser for science:


This term we are reading: 

Brothers Damian and Anthony didn’t mean to get caught up in a botched train robbery. But what would you do if a massive bag of cash dropped from the sky and you had only a few days to spend it before it became worthless? Buy a million pizzas? End world poverty? Not such an easy decision, is it? The boys soon find out that being rich is a mug’s game. Not only is the clock ticking, the bank robbers want their money back . . .

Important information.


Please sign your child’s reading record each evening. Regular reading helps children to develop their fluency and comprehension skills, and  in turn helps them to access the rest of the curriculum. Children may change reading books at school when they have finished them.

If you are looking for age appropriate books for your child, below is a list of ‘100 books to read before you leave year 6’.

100 books to read

Children receive spellings on Fridays. The word lists are taken from the RWI Spelling units which the children have completed that week, so you will notice common spelling patterns or rules. These spellings should be practised daily.

Year 5/6 spellings

Additional information

The following information gives further information about end of year expectations and makes links to our assessment systems.

KS2 Tests Timetable 2020

Please make note of the following dates

Monday 11 May English grammar, punctuation and spelling papers 1 and 2
Tuesday 12 May English reading
Wednesday 13 May Mathematics papers 1 and 2
Thursday 14 May Mathematics paper 3

Please also find below a list of ‘non-negotiables’. These are the aspects of reading, writing and mathematics that your child is expected to know by the end of year 6. This is in line with the expectations for their age group.