Welcome to Year 5

Class teacher: Mr Baker

Teaching Assistant: Mrs. Cleator


Values driven learning


At Litherland Moss we have a values driven approach to learning. Below is the ‘Rainbow Pathway’ for our current curriculum focus.

This term, our topic’s focus is a mixture of history and geography based lessons. We will continue to look at aspects of life in Ancient Greece, such as The Olympics, Athens and Sparta and the importance of Gods and Goddesses in daily life. We will also be looking at modern day Greece, in particular Athens. We will be learning about the geography of Greece and researching some important landmarks in the capital, Athens, and basing lots of our writing around this. We will also be learning some major European countries and their capital cities.  Please find our rainbow of knowledge below to find out more details about this topic along with an overview of Year Five’s curriculum for 2019/20:

Curriculum Web Y5


Our science topic this half term is Earth and Space. We will be looking at the planets in our solar system, how planet Earth orbits the sun and how night and day are created. We will also be making a class trip to Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre in order to learn more about space exploration. Please find our Science Knowledge Organisers below.

Year 5 Knowledge organisers science

Important information.

Weekly Timetable

Home Reading and Homework

This year, we are having a big focus on reading across the school. We are aiming to encourage more home reading by shifting the focus of homework onto reading.

Homework projects will still be set, but there will be a deadline for finished projects to be brought to school. The children are encourage to take more time over these project and instead read much more frequently at home. Regular reading helps children to develop their fluency and comprehension skills, and  in turn helps them to access the rest of the curriculum.

Please sign your child’s reading record every time they read. Children that read 3 or more times over the course of the week will be entered into a weekly raffle for the chance to win book of their choice!  Children that have read the most over the course of the half term will be invited to a special reading breakfast at the end of term.

Spellings and Times Tables

Children will receive spellings on Fridays. These should be practised in preparation for a spelling test the following Friday. those that spell ten word correctly will earn 5 Dojos.

In year 5, we also hold a weekly times table speed test, in which the children aim to beat their score or their time. Please ensure your child practises their times tables regularly – it is a national curriculum objective that children know all their times tables facts up to 12×12 (and the associated division facts) by the end of year 4.

Our Class Book

This half term, as part of our Greece topics, we are reading The Odyssey by Homer (adaptation written by Gillian Cross). This is one of the most famous books ever written and a timeless classic that is enjoyed by all ages.

Synopsis: After ten years fighting in the Trojan Wars, the kings of Greece finally defeat their enemy and sail home. For Odysseus, however, this is not so easy. After angering Poseidon, the God of the Oceans, Odysseus and his men are taken on an epic journey, full of gods, monsters and strange lands.  His wife and son Telemachus have their own problems in Ithaca as people suspect that Odysseus will never come home. Will he make it home to his family?